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Since opening the doors to our Phoenix, Arizona-based architecture and interior design firm back in 2006, we’ve designed thousands of projects that bring together function & beauty in order to create effective, inspiring places to be. Our clients appreciate the combination of technical expertise and insightful planning that we bring to the table.

Not to mention, when clients work with us, they’re more than just a business partner; they become part of our family. That’s why we get to know them inside & out so we can tap into what already makes them successful and build on it. When it comes to executing designs — We go beyond expectations.


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We don’t believe in silos or rigid hierarchy. Here at triARC, we’re all about collaboration.

Our architecture and interior design teams work under one roof and often sit right next to one another, swapping ideas & energy that - in turn - drives our projects forward and creates stellar results for our clients.

Plus, with 20+ employees, we’re the perfect “Goldilocks” size - big enough to leverage our resources & portfolio to be competitive and small enough for our clients to experience a personal connection with our team and feel like they’re welcomed into the triARC family.

Laura Kobes, Photographer


In an industry where female leadership is a rarity, our unique team composition brings a fresh perspective and a transformative impact on the results we achieve for our clients.

At the helm, our women leaders bring an innovative perspective that shapes an environment standing out in creativity, collaboration, and genuine connection. Diversity is not just a buzzword; it's a driving force behind our success.

What truly sets us apart is our dedication to cultivating authentic relationships. Whether within our internal team, with clients, contractors, or representatives, we operate on a foundation of mutual support and trust. It's about creating a cohesive, empowered ecosystem where every individual feels seen, heard, and valued.

In a world where industry norms often lag behind, our cultural makeup is a reflection of our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the belief that diversity propels us and our clients toward unparalleled success.


We efficiently produce a well coordinated design by utilizing a team experienced with our client’s specific project type. Our employees and partners have successfully completed many projects together and are skillful at communicating and anticipating unique needs.

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Senior Project Designer
Aaron Francis
Senior Project Manager
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Senior Project Manager
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Senior Project Manager

Specialized Expertise

Looking for experts in medical imaging, senior living, or inspired retail? Although we’ve specialized our team & project focus on the following four sectors, we also execute projects within a diverse range of industries. Contact us for more information and click through the icons below to learn more.

Our corporate design process is derived from listening to the values of our clients. It’s our goal to deliver the vision and values of our client to the spaces we design.

We differentiate our designs by integrating our team’s depth of technical expertise. Our architects and interior designers collaborate closely in the same space, exchanging creative ideas and enthusiasm that helps propel projects forward and produce exceptional outcomes for our clients.

We welcome the challenges of our client’s buildings and interiors. We love what we get to do and want our clients to know that too.


  • Corporate Office
  • Industrial Office
  • Medical Office

We have the education and the experience to deliver anything from linear accelerators to imaging centers to ambulatory surgery centers to family practice medical offices.

Our expertise rivals the large healthcare firms — the Arizona Department of Health Services called us “one of the top 5 architecture firms in the Valley” for knowing the regulations and how to apply them. This expertise affords fewer on-site challenges and quicker schedules, allowing providers to be treating patients sooner.

While our largest portfolio is in Arizona, we have also completed healthcare projects in many states - most recently in Florida, Colorado, Washington, and Illinois. We welcome the challenge of working with new municipalities and learning their procedures.


  • Specialty HC/ ASC
  • Primary Care/ Clinic
  • Imaging

Our team offers comprehensive design services for Multifamily projects – from the entitlement process to construction administration. Our strong network of engineers and contractors lets us collaborate efficiently to meet deadlines, overcome challenges, and avoid disruption.

Our team has had a major influence on the construction of 4,000+ multifamily units in Arizona over the past five years. Our multi-family portfolio includes contemporary garden and podium apartments with amenities, senior living, luxury 55+ housing, and build-to-rent projects all across the Valley — from Scottsdale to Queen Creek and Goodyear to Marana — that have filled the high demand for housing in our state.

Thanks to our experience in multifamily housing, we partnered with clients to craft successful projects that provide quality housing and are widely appreciated by the local community. We’re proud that The Retreat at Alameda won the Senior Living Project of the Year award at RED’s 2022 Awards. It was an honor to have this project featured in USG Ceiling Solutions Catalog!


  • Affordable Housing
  • Senior Living
  • Build-to-Rent

We are inspired to craft retail spaces that capture our clients’ brand identity and draw customers into an immersive experience. From concept ideation to final production, we draw on our extensive knowledge to create one-of-a-kind designs that showcase the vision and mission of our clients.

We have several highly recognizable clients in our portfolio, such as Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Dickey’s BBQ - a testament to our adaptability to diverse standards and practices. We prioritize building strong connections between brand vision, franchisee owners, and consultants, ensuring seamless execution from inception to completion.

We’re experts in Arizona but can obtain licenses in any state. We welcome the opportunity to work with new municipalities & are eager to learn their procedures and deliver excellent results.


  • Food & Beverage
  • Retail Services
  • Mercantile