Desert de Oro HQ

Project Overview

The new Desert De Oro (DDO) headquarters is located at the Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, overlooking DDO’s private airplane hangars. There are offices, a large conference room, collaborative/social spaces, and a fitness room.

triARC worked closely with the team to execute a space that would be both a backdrop to their franchise brands, as well as a sophisticated space that evoked timelessness. 

Their aviation-centric office utilizes raw materials such as brick, concrete and wood that would patina and age with time. Perimeter offices with full height and width glass walls flood natural light into the interior where collaboration and social spaces are provided. The office glass walls are switchable from transparent to opaque to provide privacy for the executive team. Their office exudes the next level their franchises will be taking their company and showcases what is next in store for Desert De Oro.

At a Glance

Sector: Corporate

Type: Tenant Improvement

Size: 7,327 sf

Cost: $1,200,000

Timeline: APR '21 - SEP '22