Barrow Neurological Institute

Project Overview

The main focal point of this space is found in the open work office space that features the “neural network”. Ceiling baffles with branch-like arms were used in the open ceiling as a means of sound mitigation that also serves as a physical representation of the processes that occur inside our brains at a microscopic level. The concept of the neural network was especially important to Barrow Neurological Institute being that their mission is to lead neurological research and treatment by extending their network around the globe. Rather than covering the high ceilings within the space with a typical drop ceiling for most office workspaces, our design team wanted to showcase the ceiling by leaving the area over employee cubicles exposed, which was no easy feat. One factor that made a huge impact was achieved by working closely with lighting representative, Illumination Systems, to create custom lighting that represents neural signals in between the ceiling baffles in the main open ceiling space. In addition, general contractor, Commercial Builders Associates, have been invaluable to make sure that the construction of all these systems in this building was executed with top-tier skill and beautiful delivery.  

At a Glance

Sector: Corporate

Type: Tenant Improvement

Size: 10,277 SF

Timeline: NOV 22' - FEB 24'