Myref Miller, Interiors Team Lead

Senior Project Designer

“Kindness is power. A smile is its sword.”

Myref’s career began at an interior design firm where she worked primarily on corporate office tenant improvements. Her knowledge of interior design has expanded from corporate office to other project types such as senior living, restaurants and healthcare.

Myref’s experience has allowed her to expand her roles from purely interior designer to large scale project management. Her understanding of innovative concepts and project types have allowed her to be a key player in ensuring design is always weaved into every triARC project. She has also become a great leader in mentoring our junior interiors staff! Outside of work you will find Myref listening to Beyonce, watching ‘Fixer Upper”, singing Karaoke, and spending time with her family.

Fun Facts

My first name is my parents’ first names put together.

I have a weird obsession with infomercials… “But wait! There’s more!”

I have a letter written to me from both Bill Clinton and George Bush, Sr.

I was born in the Philippines and became a naturalized citizen at the age of 22.

I speak English & Tagalog

Unique Experiences

I had 8 teeth extracted at one time – no narcotics needed.

I won design excellence 3 out of the 4 years of design school.