Nicole Quenzer

Operations Manager

“If someone tells you, 'you can’t,' they’re showing you their limits, not yours.”

Nicole began her career at Central Washington University studying Dance. She continued to teach dance and found her way to our triARC family. Nicole is known around the office for being our master “Get ARC’d” family party planner. Her party creativity and passion for food brings the team together and creates fun memories for all. Nicole keeps all of our billings and Project Managers on track. Outside of the office you will find her hanging out with her family, being a master chef and foodie, and carefully tending to her beloved plant Mr. Fig-E-Smalls. We are lucky to have Nicole’s organization, humor, and skills as a part of our team!

Fun Facts

I’m a WA native

I LOVE the rain

I love to craft in my spare time

I became a die hard Chargers fan when I was 10 because I thought their uniforms were pretty.

I could easily eat my body weight in chocolate

All of my joints are hyperextended/double jointed. My elbows will make you want to throw up.

My favorite styles to dance are West Coast Swing or Cha-Cha!

Unique Experiences

I had 34 hours of labor, which seems to be unique in comparison to most, but Zora was worth every second!