Edgar Moreno

Project Manager

"​I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." -Confucius

Edgar Moreno is one of our Project Managers/Project Architects within our Healthcare Sector. A previous triARC employee from a few years back, Edgar decided to come back since he missed us so much. In addition, he now is a licensed Architect in the state of Arizona. When asked what he loves about Architecture and Design, he said he likes that it is real; the creation aspect of it, the mystery, uncertainty, and the possibilities. We love having you back, Edgar!

Fun Facts

I have a lot of hobbies;

I try to keep busy.

I like to fish, hunt, work on cars, video games, reading…the list goes on.

Unique Experiences

Shore fishing next to a crab fishing village in Mexico.

Flying through the grand canyon in a helicopter.

Start gazing at the bottom of Havasu Pai.