Caitlin Covarrubias

Studio Technician

"Look at usual things with unusual eyes."

Caitlin Covarrubias, Studio Technician within our interiors sector of our triARC team. As a designer, the idea of changing the narrative about a space excites Caitlin about interiors. She highlights that “Design has the power to make you feel something unexpected and one of my favorite feelings is walking into a space that surprises me with its attention to detail while engaging all the senses.” We agree, Caitlin. Happy to have you as a part of our team!

Fun Facts

I’ve played the violin since 4th grade!

I love eating spicy foods and keep a travel size of tajin with me at all times.

I was a “half-pint” judge for Got Milk and was featured in a Phoenix magazine with my milk mustache.

I speak English & Spanish.

Unique Experiences

I once spent 6 weeks road tripping with my best friends and saw 12 National Parks.

I’ve tried sushi and ramen in Japan and went to Tokyo Disney– I also found out the hard way that the subways close early on Fridays in Tokyo… I ended up taking a $50 cab back to my hotel.