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Amanda Pflughoeft

Job Captiain

"Don't forget to look up" - Jeff Tobin, Architect (Interior Design Professor)

Amanda’s career began in Interior Design, driven by a fascination with rearranging furniture and the profound psychology of architecture and design on the human mind. As a designer, she emphasizes creating spaces where users intuitively understand their surroundings.

Transitioning into Architecture provided Amanda with a new lens on design, where the learning journey is perpetual, regardless of experience level. She remains captivated by the ever-evolving nature of the field.

Fun Facts

I have broken the same foot in the same spot three different times
I can talk like Stitch
I grew up in the Military (Army)
I met Mohammed Ali and forgot how to talk

Unique Experiences

Beyonce and Jay-Z almost ran me over in a golf cart
Lived in Germany for 3-4 Years
Visited NASA with a Space Architect while at ASU – you can now call me Gru and visit me on my moon casa