Crossfit FURY


Our client, Peter Egyed came to us with a vision. His cross fit gym would be the anchor for an engagement center for the community. The goal was to create an environmentally responsible design with facilities serving the town of Goodyear and neighboring communities. Every design element is thoughtful and necessary. The building makes a statement in the community as a place to gather, collaborate, learn, and promote health.

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project specs

Size / square footage: 25,000 SF

Industry: Mixed-use. Business and Hospitality. Ground-up. Shell building

What were the special elements of the project?: Little details that make it unique. The butterfly roof sets the tone for the whole project as an uplifting and engaging element, signaling to the community.


What is the space for?

The building is a place for community engagement focused on the physical and mental health of its tenants through CrossFit, dance, diet, and therapy.

What does the design do for your client?

This site will provide our client with a space to explore and encourage healthy lifestyles and thriving of his community. It is a platform to share his passion and personal successes. It will also encourage the education of health through diet, exercise, and conscientious design.

Why is it important or worth sharing?

This project is the alignment of values between us and our client. This beautiful building is our client’s vision for his community; we were able to help him realize his vision. The architecture is simple, purposeful, yet striking, and lets the function of the building be the highlight. triARC is committed to providing projects that provide space to uplift our client and put their needs and opportunities first.